HM Speech will provide education to

  • Staff, patients and families in Aged Care Facilities

  • General Practitioners

  • Medical Specialists

  • Teachers or other professional voice users

  • Other health professionals

  • Other organisations including support groups


What it involves    

Education can be provided for a number of reasons and on a variety of topics. Education can enhance people’s knowledge of what a speech pathologists role is, and how they can help people with communication or swallowing difficulties. Some of the topics HM Speech can provide education for includes:

  • Neurological conditions and communication

  • Neurological conditions and swallowing

  • Communication partner training (for people with loved ones affected by a disease impacting communication skills)

  • Vocal hygiene and exercises (for those with voice difficulties)

  • Speech Pathology roles and referrals

  • Videofluoroscopy Swallow studies