Early Language Groups

Hastings Macleay Speech Pathology is proud to be offering early language groups in 2022!

'It Takes Two to Talk' is a program for parents of young children (up to 5 years of age) who have language delays. This is an evidence-based program, developed by the Hanen Centre, and provides parents with strategies to help improve their children’s communication skills.



A consultation for you and your child with Speech Pathologist Katia Ringbauer before the program starts.

A series of informative and personalised classes for small groups of parents.

Three individual consultations with your Speech Pathologist.

2022 Term 1 Dates

Session & Topic

Pre-program consultation
Group session 1: Let your Child Lead
Group session 2: Follow your Child's Lead
Individual visit 1
Group session 3: Take Turns to Keep the Interaction Going
Group session 4: Add Language to the Interaction
Group session 5: Add Language to Build Understanding
Individual visit 2
Group session 6: Let's play!
Group session 7: Sharing Books
Individual visit 3
Group session 8: Moving Forward with Music


Date & Information

3rd February starting 6:00 pm
Arranged with family
17th February
24th February
Occurring 1st week March
10th March
17th March
24th March
Occurring last week March
7th April
28th April
Occurring 1st week May
12th May

Let Your Child Lead: You will learn about how your child expresses their feelings, needs, and interests and strategies to interact with them.

Follow your child’s lead: You’ll learn about how to respond immediately to what your child tells you in ways that help them learn language.

Take Turns to Keep the Interaction Going: You’ll learn how to adjust daily routines to build communication opportunities.

Add Language to the Interaction: You’ll learn how to add words to the interaction to help your child express themselves and learn about the world.

Learn ways to add language with books, music and play



To register your interest please send a message to the below email