I'm Kaitlyn

My Story

I am an adult and aged care Speech Pathologist with HM Speech. I graduated from the University of Newcastle. After realising that a career as a Legal Secretary wasn't for me, I decided to study Speech Pathology determined to make a difference to people's communication and swallowing. I moved from the Central Coast NSW to Port Macquarie in 2019 with my two children and husband. I enjoy outdoor adventures with my family and home renovations. 

My clinical interests include working with post stroke patients, swallowing and Parkinson's disease. I am trained in SPEAK OUT! ® & LOUD CROWD! ® which is a highly evidence based voice treatment method for people with Parkinson's disease. My passion is to provide group treatment for people with voice difficulties from Parkinson's disease and giving access to communication for people with Dementia. I have completed training in mealtime management for people with Dementia and will utilise these skills to ensure that I offer a holistic approach when working with people's eating and drinking. 

In 2022, I will continue to offer group services to people with Parkinson's disease to improve their voice, and aim to start other group based services which are very exciting. 

Further qualifications and certificates I have obtained include:

- MSPA (Member of Speech Pathology Australia) & CPSP (Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist)

- SPEAK OUT! ® & LOUD Crowd! ® certified

- Dementia Mealtime Management

- EBP Team Leader