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Hastings Macleay Speech Pathology.

HM Speech is the largest speech pathology practice in the Port Macquarie area specialising in communication & swallowing needs for children & adults


Come and visit us in our Port Macquarie or Kempsey clinic, or we can visit you at home if you live in the Hastings Macleay region. Telehealth is also an option for your assessment or treatment.

The latest evidence based treatment approaches will be used to ensure the best possible improvement and your therapy will be tailored to you and your goals. 

HM Speech has excellent working relationships with medical professionals, allied health and other service providers in the area so we can guarantee a collaborative and holistic approach.

Our mission is to work with clients to improve quality of life through individualised plans to address communication and swallowing disorders.




Delayed language or a language impairment can lead to a significant impact on someone's quality of life. It could be difficulty engaging or learning at school, or communicating with loved ones. At HM Speech we aim to build a supportive network and tailored plan to improve functional communication skills, comprehension and expressive language.

Social Communication

Every time we interact with somebody, we are intrinsically using lots of skills to make that interaction a success, e.g. sharing a conversation back and forth with someone we know well. Difficulties with social communication can negatively impact a person’s ability to participate in life’s daily activities. We can help to identify areas of social activities that are challenging and provide support.


Our voice is what makes us an individual and what people recognise when we speak. We work closely with individuals to help diagnose and treat voice disorders. Our clinicians are trained in the best programs to treat voice and specialise in Parkinson's disease. Read more here on the programs we use - LSVT LOUD ® and SPEAK OUT! ® 

Aged Care Facilities

HM Speech works closely with older people in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF). As many people age, they experience changes to their swallowing and communication. We provide expertise in how to manage changes specifically in Dementia. We can provide tailored education to RACF's to ensure that staff members feel comfortable and confident when working with their residents.


At HM Speech we run groups for children and adults. These groups focus on providing a supportive environment for our clients to practice certain skills which they are working on with their therapists. Click read more for all the information you need.


At HM Speech we use the latest evidence based approach to treat speech sound disorders in children and speech impairments in adults. In adults, difficulties with speech can arise as a result of neurodegenerative disease, surgery, stroke or dementia.


We provide assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders (dysphagia) for adults. Dysphagia can arise as a result of stroke, ageing, poor dentition, respiratory disease, neurodegenerative disease. In children we can assess various feeding difficulties arising from issues with muscle tone, coordination, anatomy or sensory integration.

Child In Speech Therapy

Literacy Skills

Phonological awareness skills

Happy Friends

Social Communication

Turn taking
Eye contact

Suttering therapy



Eating Watermelon


Sensory integration
Fussy eating
Transitioning to solid foods

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Speech Sounds

Producing sounds

Learning Sounds

Apraxia of Speech

Tablet Learning

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Teaching skills to learn how to communicate via device



Comprehension skills
Expressive language/verbal output

Playing with Baby

Early Intervention

Language through play
Exploration & creativity



Hanen 'Takes Two to Talk' ® 

Hanen 'More Than Words' ® 

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Videofluoroscopy Swallow Studies

X-ray of the mouth and throat (pharynx) to aid in diagnosis of dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), assist with swallowing rehabilitation goals, review food and drink consistencies

Going or a Walk

Aged Care Facilities

Education to staff on communication and swallowing disorders
Training on diet and fluid preparation 
Education and training on IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative)

Families Communicating Via Video Calls

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Teaching skills to learn how to communicate via device
Implementing picture based systems to aid communication

Eating Grapes


Assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders
Mealtime management plans for NDIS
Swallowing rehabilitation as a result of neurological disease



Fluency & stuttering
Motor speech impairments e.g. dysarthria (slurring speech) or apraxia post stroke

Support Group


Adult social communication groups
Adult language groups
Parkinson's disease singing group 'Parkinsong'

Woman Reading


Comprehension skills
Expressive language/verbal output
High level language e.g. problem solving
Dementia specific communication support with carers

Mother and Daughter


Voice disorders (e.g. vocal fatigue, muscle tension, vocal fold paralysis)
PVFM (Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement)
Treatment of voice in Parkinson's disease using evidence based treatment programs LSVT LOUD ® & SPEAK OUT! ®


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What people say

"I treasure Kaitlyn as a clinician and the information and help she gave me. It has been helpful in managing my illness. While sadly, it cannot be cured, I have an understanding and know not to panic. I felt at ease with her knowledge and helpfulness"          - BG

"Deme was really helpful and I can't believe we were still playing at 3 o'clock, it went really well. I felt really valued and supported."            - LR


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